MArkers is designed to make the process of creating time-coded sequences from Reaper DAW as easy as possible. Using an easy to use GUI to convert Reaper Markers to Multiple Sequences and time-coded events within MA3. No Exporting Needed. All for $30


Key Features

Reaper Markers To MA3 Timecode Sequences

Apply Marker colours to your MA3 sequences

Add cue fade times from Reaper markers. Using this format: <Infade/Outfade>

Change timecode 'tokens' from Reaper markers. You can use any token that MA3 allows. for example [Goto] or [Flash]

Simple, easy to use graphical interface to import your markers. From the popup you can set all the options for importing your Reaper Markers such as whether to import to an existing sequence, create regions from cue names and which target pool items to use.

Create Non-linear timelines by specifying cue numbers from Reaper.

System Requirements

Once Registered, MArkers works from Console, OnPC and OnMac MA3 software.

MArkers requires a USB stick to be used as a license key. Each purchase allows for 2 separate USB sticks to be registered as a key.

Tested using MA3 Version On Console, OnPC and OnMac. This plugin will not run on MA3 versions below For legacy versions of this plugin, please contact us.


Watch a short video of the installation and first use of MArkers


You can purchase MArkers now from our sales site. Simply click the button below to be taken to the checkout.