Simple FX MAker

Easy to use GUI interface to create two step phasers quickly and easily on the MA3 Lighting Console. Chose to create from encoder wheels or preset to preset. Purchase now for $15

Key Features

Easy to use, intuitive, graphical interface for creating simple two step phasers quickly and easily.

Create by from presets by typing the preset number (4.1) or by selecting from the popup dialog. You can select from any preset pool via the popup list.

System Requirements

Once Registered, FX MAker works from Console, OnPC and OnMac MA3 software.

FX MAker requires a USB stick to be used as a license key. Each purchase allows for 2 separate USB sticks to be registered as a key.

Tested using MA3 Version On Console, OnPC and OnMac. This plugin will not run on MA3 versions below For legacy versions of this plugin, please contact us.

With V1.6.3 There is a known issue with setting Accel/Decel/Transition/Width of Attributes other than Dimmer and Colour. Unfortunately, this is an issue with MA3 and we hope the issue will be resolved in coming versions!


Watch a short video of the installation and first use of FX MAker


You can purchase FX MAker now from our sales site. Simply click the button below to be taken to the checkout.