Bulk export and import cofigurations such as ArtNet and sACN settings to quickly backup your settings.

Key Features

Select which settings you wish to export from MA. ConfigSync will then compile these settings into one xml file ready for you to import all of some of these settings at a later date.

Select which items you wish to export using the check boxes. The plugin will ask you to name the export file and you will see it appear on your USB drive in the /MATools/ConfigSync/ directory.

Once you have an MATools export file, you can use this to import all or some of those settings back to your show. This makes importing settings such as ArtNet and sACN onto new consoles a faster process.

System Requirements

ConfigSync works from Console, OnPC and OnMac MA3 software.

Tested using MA3 Version On Console, OnPC and OnMac. This plugin will not run on MA3 versions below For legacy versions of this plugin, please contact us.

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