BPM Times

Want to set MA3 cue fades, delays and more as a multiplier of a BPM? Look no further... BPM Times makes this process super easy! Purchase this handy programming tool for $15.

Key Features

Easy to use, intuitive, graphical interface for applying cue fades and delays based on a BPM. Simply enter a BPM, which sequence to target, and what cues to apply the timing to.

System Requirements

Once Registered, BPM Times works from Console, OnPC and OnMac MA3 software.

BPM Times requires a USB stick to be used as a license key. Each purchase allows for 2 separate USB sticks to be registered as a key.

Tested using MA3 Version On Console, OnPC and OnMac. This plugin will not run on MA3 versions below For legacy versions of this plugin, please contact us.


Watch a short video of the installation and first use of BPMTimes

Song Tools Bundle

Buy SongMAnager with BPMTimes for the ultimate programming workflow. Buy both for $20