Song MAnager

SongMAnager is a plugin to manage your song macros, sequences, pages and timecode. Easily create, rename or delete songs, and all their related items. Purchase now for $15

Key Features

SongMAnager is a useful tool to quickly build all the base elements you need for a song. It creates your sequence, timecode, page, and song activation macro. It can also rename, and delete existing songs.

Song MAnager has some advanced options such as setting the song BPM, which our plugin BPM Times can use when programming.

You can also set a song ID which is a unique identifier that advanced users can use to enhance other macros or plugins. Also, if a template sequence is specified, SongMAnager will copy this as your starter sequence for your song.

System Requirements

Once Registered, SongMAnager works from Console, OnPC and OnMac MA3 software.

SongMAnager requires a USB stick to be used as a license key. Each purchase allows for 2 separate USB sticks to be registered as a key.

Tested using MA3 Version On Console, OnPC and OnMac. This plugin will not run on MA3 versions below


Watch a short video of the installation and first use of Song MAnager

Song Tools Bundle

Buy SongMAnager with BPMTimes for the ultimate programming workflow. Buy both for $20

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